Asian investors are now the fastest growing section of real estate buyers worldwide.

With an increasing overseas investors activity occurring here in Sydney. Gerard Cole Property has developed an unique international buyer strategy to ensure that all our development sites and commercial properties are given the very best exposure to every part of the market making sure that our clients are given the best opportunity of maximizing their selling price.

It’s a red hot topic: everywhere you look at the moment there’s news about the overseas investors buying international property. In the past 5 years, the Chinese purchased more than $10 billion dollars worth of real estate here in Australia.

Overseas buyers from Asia in particular are being attracted to Australia’s shore’s for a number of reasons: Property tax is less here; the great Australian lifestyle is appealing, our property prices are affordable and visa requirements are welcoming. Recently China implemented a 20% capital gains tax on investment property which has been a huge change for Chinese investors who generally love building their wealth through bricks and mortar. Property for Chinese isn’t just about building wealth it is also about holding onto it for generations to come. Australia is attractive for these reasons – the dollar is relatively strong and the economy is performing well.

With our established sales, leasing and property management team. We now have a dedicated Asian Markets team. We are the only agency to have established such a team in Sydney’s Inner West. Given the increasing prominence of Asian investors and business owners entering the market, we see it as a high priority to ensure that we are in constant contact with this growing buyers group.